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Janks Pheasant Farm is owned and operated by Bob Janks & family. We are a family owned pheasant hunting preserve, that offers the beginner or advanced hunter and opportunity to hunt pheasants just like it was back in the old days when pheasants were abundant. We have a guide dog service for the hunters that do not have a dog. Bring the whole family for the hunt of a lifetime. Why go out of state when you can hunt right here at home. Member of Michigan Association of Gamebird Breeders & Hunting Preserves.


Hi Bonnie,
I know I told you how much fun we had all ready but I just wanted to tell you once more....My family and I will never forget the day of hunting at your ranch, It was the most fun that we have had together in a very long time. Thank you so very much for allowing us to spend the day that none of us will ever forget at Janks Pheasant Ranch.... I have already given your number to several people that I think will be talking to you soon. Thank you again,

Randy F

Dear Bonnie,
As we had discussed previously, I am sending the pictures that we took during our hunt. We had a excellent time and will definitely be coming back. I especially wanted to thank you, Heath, our guide, and one of Heath's best friends Duke, his trusted hunting dog. The overwhelming passion they both demonstrate for hunting can be summed up in one word, contagious. As I had explained before we started our hunt, we had two individuals that had never hunted before. Even though I was a little apprehensive, Heath was extremely patient with them and all the while stressed that safety was first and foremost his main objective. It was easy, all they had to do, was to listen, and follow his direction. It is very apparent that we all had a great day by the expressions on our faces even though that it was -15 f with the wind chill that day. It was a fair chase hunt and the birds were fast and challenging. Once again, thank you for the memories of a wonderful hunting experience. We will have stories to tell around the campfire for years to come - the day that not one bird that we shot at, got away.

All the Best,
Randy K.

Thanks again for the Great Hunt. We had a blast. We will see you soon. Feel free to do what you want with the pictures. It was a great experience for my Nephew (Jared) and my niece (Lia)

Thanks again

Thanks Bob...Erik's first hunt was impressionable. RJ, Erik and I had a great time and No, we didn't freeze! As always we enjoyed the hunt and conversation after. Happy New Year!

Bonnie & Bob,
Thank you both for an enjoyable time today. You are great people! Jim, Larry, Gary and I had a great time. About an hour after we got home Larry called me from Birch Run and said he had a problem. I guess that last rooster in the video "One that didn't get away" was put in his game bag pouch and forgotten about. When he got home he found the bird but never having hunted birds in Illinois where he was raised he did not know how to clean it. I gave him instructions over the phone but will be anxious to see how he did. Bonnie....we realized afterwards that we did not give you a little tip for all your efforts in cleaning our birds. Not only that, but Larry screwed you out of another $2.00 cleaning fee! I guess I'll have to bring you some extra caribou steaks to help make up for it. Jim suggested we come back for another hunt and that I make up a crock pot of the swissed caribou steaks I was telling you about and bring it over. We could then all have lunch after our hunt. Sounds good to me!

Again, we had a great time.

Just wanted to e-mail you and say thanks for a great hunt this weekend. My boys said it was the best hunt they have been on so far. A special thanks for the great job on cleaning the birds- you saved me a lot of work! Great guide, too. Attached are some pics I took- feel free if you ever want to use them. We'll definitely be back next year (assuming I still have a job and can afford it!)


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